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Healing with Tea

Want to think straighter or breathe easier so that you will be happier? It is easy, just that the next time you need caffeine fix, opt for tea rather than coffee.

Tea creates a state of relaxed alertness, which seems to me like an oxymoronic term but is actually true as it is the only plant that contains both brain stimulants and muscle relaxants! What that meant is that it makes us think straighter!

We may not know that tea also contains the amino acid, L-theanine that wakes the part of our brain that deals with wellbeing, and inhibits the part that causes anxiety, in short, we will be happier!

Besides, the chemicals in tea stimulate the lungs, helping us breathe deeply and take in more oxygen to the brain. That also explains why sitting down with a cuppa helps us take a step back and get our priorities in order.

Scent Shopping

I believe if we are buying fragrance for ourselves, we would want those that only bring out our best scent, right? No worries, here is a quick list on how to pick the perfect perfume at the counter when does our scent shopping:

  • Do spray the fragrance on a scent strip first. If you like it, dab it on and take a walk to see how it wears on you.

  • Do block your left nostril and sniff through your right nostril when trying out a scent. Know why? This helps to heighten the pleasure factor.

  • Don’t test out more than three scents at a time when do our scent shopping, because the scent will be missed together in the air and will only confuse our nose!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the fragrance counter, such as about the ingredients used, the inspiration for the product and so on. It is good to let the salesperson know a little about our preference, whether we like romantic, sporty or classic scents.

Fact – Eating antioxidants to Save Skin

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, i.e. eating antioxidants may not be enough to save our skin.

Eat smart, certainly. But know that when it comes to benefiting from all that goodness, skin is at the back of the line.

Add the stress of dehydration, pollution, sun, and it’s no wonder skin needs sustenance against the eventual damage, what we commonly referred to as lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Clinique has this daily moisturizer, i.e. New Continuous Rescue™ Antioxidant Moisturizer that contains a complex of eight antioxidants, both rapid and delayed-release, dedicated to our skin that helps keep it strong, and at the same time helps prevent visible signs of aging.

I would say this is great news for undernourished skins everywhere.

Better still, Clinique, is allergy tested, and 100% fragrance free.

My thoughts to unwind the Powerful Sense of Smell!

Do you think the sense of smell is a powerful thing? Have you ever gotten a whiff of something and a past memory kicked into gear? Think that you have the experience of sitting next to someone wearing the wrong perfume, and just wanted to get away as fast as you can, right?

Frankly, I don’t know much about perfumery and smell, but do love a massage, and to take baths in products which contain essential oils. In fact, the feeling of soaking away muscle tension, body aches and pains, and the benefits of the essential oil fragrance being released into the moist air from the bath get me addicted to it, I guess!

I believe the sense of smell is powerful, if not guys wouldn’t go and find fragrances that enhance the qualities that describe an aphrodisiac, agree? Also, many may not know that the smell from aromatherapy products can actually turn our home (or home fragrance, depend on how you want to word it) into a private spa, some even said a romantic hideaway! Say for example, Lavender, one of my favorite fragrances that have very soothing properties for relaxation, can be used to relieve headaches. Studies have shown that the fragrance of Lavender sends a calming message to our brain that counters adrenalin producing stress signals.

How does one get therapy from the powerful sense of smell? Not that complicated as we think, we can usually achieve this using selected essential oils, or by walking through an herb garden and gliding our hands over certain herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary, or Lemon Balm. Who knows, you are like me love the smell left on my hands after touching Lavender! Well, one can always get this powerful sense of smell from popular stores like Sabon NYC, an bath & body store that one can find handmade soap and much more..."

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