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Scent Shopping

I believe if we are buying fragrance for ourselves, we would want those that only bring out our best scent, right? No worries, here is a quick list on how to pick the perfect perfume at the counter when does our scent shopping:

  • Do spray the fragrance on a scent strip first. If you like it, dab it on and take a walk to see how it wears on you.
  • Do block your left nostril and sniff through your right nostril when trying out a scent. Know why? This helps to heighten the pleasure factor.
  • Don’t test out more than three scents at a time when do our scent shopping, because the scent will be missed together in the air and will only confuse our nose!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the fragrance counter, such as about the ingredients used, the inspiration for the product and so on. It is good to let the salesperson know a little about our preference, whether we like romantic, sporty or classic scents.

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