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Are You Blowing Away Your Hair?

Do you:

Not want to blow away your hair?
Want to have the optimum styling and to keep up with the salon look?
Want to know when to air dry or when to blow dry your hair?

The very important thing you need to know is our hair is very fragile, and you ought to handle it with care. Whether you want to air dry or blow dry, is very much depends on the occasion, time you have and personal preference.

Generally, for optimum styling, blow drying is the way whilst for easy going natural locks and keeping it healthy, the best is air dry.

Some tips to consider:

Air Dry

  • Most suitable for those who have short and low-maintenance hairstyles, or with curly hair.
  • If you have the habit of vigorously rubbing your hair dry with a towel, stop doing it now. This is because human hair is at its weakest when it is wet, as the friction caused by rubbing, pulling or tugging will make our hair brittle and eventually break. Instead, you should gently wipe and blot the moisture out of your hair with the towel and thereafter fluff it softly with your fingers.
Blow Dry

  • Is the most convenient and quickest way of drying one’s hair, but also is the fast damaging and dangerous, especially if overdone.
  • Non exposure to excessive heat usually used in blow drying which make this less damaging.
  • Ensure your hair is not soaking wet, you should blot the water out with a towel before blow dry.
  • Never keep the dryer too close to your head, best is about a short ruler’s length away or 15cm, and move the dryer constantly around your head.- Stop blow drying while the hair is still slightly damp, and not to completely dry your hair with the blow dryer.

If possible try to alternate and balance both options for a healthy hair. Guess now it is time for you not to blow away for a better mind body spirit and soul, right?

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