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Skin care for face – how clean is clean enough?

No skin can ever be 100% clean for the skin is constantly discharging a certain amount of sebum and perspiration to keep the moisture and oil balance within it. However, it is important that all the superficial debris is cleansed away regularly otherwise pores will become blocked and blemishes will start.

Since sebum flows at varying rates from different skins, hence an adequate cleansing routine for your skin may be far different for another person. Every skin should be cleansed in the morning to remove the dead skin and oils discharged during the night, then again at bedtime and every time fresh make-up is applied and the cleansing frequency should depend on the skin type, for example, oily skin may need three to five cleansings a day.

It will do good to tone your skin after you cleansed it. Try to choose an astringent lotion, skin freshener or toner, as they will help to remove traces of make-up or oil from your skin as well as tighten the pores and stimulate circulation.

How about adding moisturizer? You need to note that the loss of moisture and the loss of oils are two different things. Frankly, every type of skin needs a moisturizer to help retard the evaporation of natural moisture; also oily skins can lose moisture besides oil. Use lightweight moisturizers for oily skin and heavier moisturizers for oil-starved skin to help the skin retain liquid in it.

Since our face is constantly exposed to sun, wind, cold weather, and central heating which usually dry out or create a kind of dry atmosphere, this can really upset the natural moisture levels in our skin, therefore moisturizing form an important part of any beauty routine, be it in summer or winter.

Well and towards a better mind body spirit and soul!

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flowerhorn said...

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