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Large and Small Women

Do you agree that few women have perfect bodies and most are sensitive about their shortcomings, be it real or imagined?

It is a fact that no one has the Barbie shape that we are often led to believe is "Perfect". What that means is that we should not let our body Classic Cami in Blackshapes and sizes to overwhelm our mind body spirit and soul, until we can’t get on with our life, instead we have to learn what are the best options for us. Frankly, there are ways to flatter your body shape and those ways may differ from someone else's but that doesn't mean that your body shape is “not attractive”, just that we are all different.

Generally, women who are not average in size face challenges in finding clothes to look good and feel good. Depending on which country the women are, tall women tend to do well in Germany but in France the tall and the heavy ones have nowhere to shop, while America is a heaven for women of all shapes and sizes.

If you are a woman of large size, wearing your seasonal palette can help on all counts, as it helps in bringing out the best in you and focus attention to your face. Be bold in your colour choices for blouses, jackets and scarves but opt for neutral and deeper tones for skirt and trousers.

Do remember that simplicity in style is most effective for you and try to keep the cut of your clothes loose and elegant. Attractive patterns should be reserved for your blouses or scarves and avoid distinguishable patterns in jackets and skirts and always choose plain, quality fabrics in your best colours. You may want to use striking accessories like brooches or earrings draped over one shoulder.

If you are a woman of small size, try to use the deepest and the boldest colours in your seasonal palette, as it helps to project your presence and strength, in short you will look more substantial and positive. Using one colour or monochromatic blend of one colour can actually help to create an illusion of greater height. Remember, neutral colours in small patterns such as pinstripes, houndstooth are preferable to florals or anything too feminine.

Trousers suits often work well on petite women in projecting confidence without threatening the men. A modest heel will enhance your natural stature but not ridiculously high heels, which will make you, look comical and risk making a fool of yourself if you fall!

In short, for large size women, you should worry less about being at the cutting edge of fashion, instead focus on looking appropriate, elegant and timeless, as the colour, quality and fit of your clothes are more important than the style. For small size women, remember always show your legs, as long skirts, no matter how chic, current and comfortable, will simply swamp you!

Simply put and thank goodness we are all different otherwise things sure would be boring, don’t you agree?

Enjoy and have a healthy mind body spirit and soul!


flowerhorn said...

For smaller women, don't despair. You all can look very cute and pretty by using the tips provided here!

pizzatherapy said...

These are great tips for women of all sizes.
albert grande

Pavel said...

Lovely tips for dress shopping for women of all sizes.

nawang said...

Being small, I think I should put on wears which help to show the legs, like skirts and short pants. Very encouraging one for woman like me. Thanks.

Alice@longtallsally said...


I work at Long Tall Sally (
If you are tall we can totally sympathise with your troubles in finding clothing that is well fitting. It is difficult for tall women, which is why we strive to design and proportion our garments to give the best fit!

Have you checked out our website? Let us know what you think!

Our shoe sizes go from a 7 - 11 (UK sizes). You could also try Crispins, or Elephant Feet!

There are also a couple of good resources for tall people...try or

Hope that helps!


Alice@longtallsally said...

At Long Tall Sally (, We also carry sizes 8-22. We are a UK based company but delivery internationally.

Alice, Long Tall Sally

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