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Bigger Breast and Men

The increased cases in breast augmentation and the increased in breast enhancement be it in the form of cream, pill, liquid and surgical procedure, all prove that bigger and fuller breast means “something” to girls and women.

Despite surgical complications which may arise, not to say money that one has to spend on it, usually in the range of $6,000 to $15,000 or can be even higher, yet we all notice that more girls and women have a bigger breast size nowadays resulting from either surgical procedure or other alternatives. Whatever it is, I have to admit that the advancement in breast enhancement or augmentation does help those in needs to correct irregularities in shape, or as a result from accident or illnesses and other causes that we might not even imagine that can happen but happened.

Statistics has shown that those went for breast augmentation is usually between the ages of 19 to 34. And 35% of those are in the age group of 35 to 50, and 3% are older than 51. Also many breast augmentations have been performed in patients in their 60's. Further, girls in teens are worried about their bra size and save pennies for years just because of this.

Are bigger and fuller breast means more for self image? Attract the opposite sex? Have a better relationship with someone?

I believe you will all agree that our relationships with someone is actually based on what we admired or like about someone, and not so much about “breast size”, even though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, as a man, sexy ladies and objects do at time catch my attention.

From the “Physical Beauty” point of view, I do agree that “bigger and fuller breast size” does enhance one “aesthetic beauty” and make one looks sexier and have more choices to pick dresses to fit in for different functions. Don’t you agree that it will make one sexier in a swim suit look with that kind of sexy breast size?

Apart from beauty appearance point of view, I believe that bigger and fuller breast size help enhance one self confidence and image, due partly popular celebrities have it also.

So, lady, don’t worry about your bra size, this factor is not in men’s favorite list! As a human being we all like someone with the right behavior and right character, as simple as that, no more and no less!


Anonymous said...

men are all the same. By Liz.

Anonymous said...

Don't lie! Breast size is indeed in mens favorite list!

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