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The Best Internet Browser

I refer to "I Flocking Love This" as well as some fair bit of stuff floating around at the moment about the Flock browser. I personally feel that no browser is better than the others. And which one you choose really depends on your personal preference.

I believe many people start out with internet explorer, as it was one of the first web browsers on the market, also it is automatically bundled with every Windows operating system as part of your purchased. I think most people will not really care much on which browser they use, so long it helps them get where they can go on the web. However, if you are serious about doing web search, choosing a browser, I would say can make a difference (if not huge difference).

Basically, every web browser has the same basic features, i.e. menu bar, title bar, status bar, address bar, toolbar icons, and so on. What make some browsers stand out is they do contain “Good” features, such as those advanced security options and other useful add-ons. Take for example, for security-conscious browsers, they generally will prefer Firefox compared to Internet Explorer as the former has excellent pop-ups intrusive feature, some even claimed that they never seen a pop-up after been using Firefox for years. Besides, people will generally like to be able to search multiple search engines to perform their task within a single browser, a feature which not all browsers possessed.

As for Flock, frankly speaking, I have yet tried it, but from what I read and heard, is a browser which focus on collaborating, blogging, photos sharing and other group activities. However, I feel that if your web browsing is mostly a read-only for yourself, then stick with whatever browser makes you happy. On the other hand if you do spend a lot of time on collaborating, weblogging and socializing with friends and others, then and perhaps, Flock may appeal to you and worth to take a look. Who knows, you may fall in love with Flock.

Flock’s co-founder Bart Decrem had been quoted as saying "The Web is not just a library of documents, but a stream of events and people."


kenna said...

I flocking like flock too.. hehe
But I use it for photobucket purposes only. Still Foxing love Mozilla's Firefox :)

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