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Peaceful Warrior by White

A blog article by White that I just read is inspiring, i.e. Peaceful Warrior, frankly I have yet the chance to watch the film but from what was written by White:

"The joumey's what brings us happiness, not the destination." How we live our life in the present, as it happens, is what is more important than achieving what we want which are, more often than not, superficial and that only makes us want more.

I truly agree that we should enjoy and learn every moment from our life journey be it happy, sad and bitter as that will make us becoming stronger and mature in facing life challenges. Forget about the unpleasant past and painful memories, as it wouldn’t help but rather held us to achieve what we want in life. Just think back, how many times have you said to yourself, if I were then, I will be doing this and this kind of thoughts, I believe it does happen, just the intensity of it, right?

However, I have to admit that past events can sometime serve as a good teacher for us to better prepare and move forward for the up and down in one’s life journey. Every school in the world, if I am not wrong, has “History” subject, one of the core reasons, I think it want us to learn something from the past, and not to repeat the unwanted in the present.

I believe life means many things to many people, some treat it as another train terminal to move one life on, while some may regard life as something to experience in order to seek deeper and wider, it is all up to us to define and interpret. From what I see our world is complicated, due primarily because there is no uniform state of peaceful mind as everybody adopts different mindsets because of their uniqueness. Hence, different individual use different ways to become and to perform in life.

Some experts say that the surest way for us to have a peaceful state of mind is to get our mind to focus on positive images and to develop a sense of purpose there from, even in times of adversary.

I believe this to certain extent requires courage (if not a lot) and willpower to focus positively, when there are negative waves around us. To mitigate the effect of negativity, i.e. when we are judged by others, don't reciprocate; when we are disgusted, don't be sad; when we aren't understood, don't make any expectation; when we are offended, don't take them personally.

My opinion is that the environment doesn't have anything to do with our inner peace of mind. I believe that if we seek, try and listen, we will be able to find, and to understand it effortlessly.

At the same time, we have to admit that challenge is something we all face every day in our life whether it is minor or major, and how we deal with those life challenges determines how we experience life. It may make us struggle in order to survive or as an ongoing adventure in growth and achieve fulfillment. And without challenge none of us would have learned to walk, to talk or to get along with others.

Can we say that challenge allows us the opportunity to learn, to love, to be loved and to have peace in life for a better body, mind, spirit and soul?

1 comment:

WHITE said...

Wow! Such eloquence from my simple words. :)

The first thing to do in our journey to "be happy" is to discard the "trash" in our minds and focus on the present.

The whole process towards becoming that "peaceful warrior", I may say, is rather arduous and long. More often, our lifetime may not be enough to actually master it. Actually doing it and starting it today is never too late rather than just by knowing it. :)

Thanks for taking more meaning on my words. And you must watch the film. :)

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