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How to choose Ties that project your personality

For some men, tie is something that they wear daily to tell the world whether they are on their way up, have arrived or if they are on their way out.

A man must choose his own ties, but should consult the shop personnel selling ties if he is not sure how to combine colors and patterns. Imagine if you wear someone else’s choice around your neck all day – like that of the wonderful woman in your life, you are projecting personality that isn’t yours.

For business purpose, choose ties of good quality silk that can hold a knot, but note that this does not mean that it has to be a thick silk tie, rather the construction of the tie. The lining should be of good quality wool, and the silk itself should have been cut on the bias to allow it to lie flat and hang straight. Before buying, check to see by hanging it by the narrow end to see if it falls straight. If it doesn’t, and curls around instead, it tells you that the tie is poorly constructed, reject it.

Basically, the best acknowledged ties are those handmade in Italy. How to tell whether a tie is handmade? Check by the discreet loop of thread hanging just inside the narrow end of the tie, when pull it gently, you will see it bunch up, proving that it has been hand sewn, simple right?

Do note that the width of a tie should balance with the lapels of your suit, and with your build both in size and in patterns. Generally, men who are slightly build should avoid large patterns, i.e. Windsor knots and wider ties. On the other hand, large men require boldness in patterns, knot and width. The ideal knot for most business suit and shirt collars is the half-Windsor knot.

Bow ties are for men to wear with their dinner jacket but can be worn with a smashing waistcoat for social occasions where they don’t need to be too formal. Well men, now you are at your peak to a better body, mind and spirit and soul, right?

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