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How to Walk in High Heels – Tips and Don'ts

Wanted to look sexy, slimmer and appealing? Believe me or not, if you ask any designer what top models are always most concerned about, likely they'll tell you that it is the shoes, especially high heels shoes! With a little bit of practising, you can become one in no time!

For those women who want to look fashionable and trendy, they will realize that despite a vast collection of outfits to match every special occasion, it may still look incomplete without a pair of desirable high heels shoes.

Some said women’s shoes have the power to transform a woman from being simple looking to extremely appealing among the crowd, more so for “Black” high heel shoes as they are the most popular, the sexiest, the most eye catching that most men prefer over all other shoes! What do you think?

However, walking in high heels is not a natural talent but a learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline. What follows are tips and don'ts that can give you the support to stride in style.

The Tips

  1. Stand Tall – Practice standing in your heels in front of a full-length mirror. When you feel comfortable, turn slightly to each side. As heels pitch weight forward, so keep your shoulders back and your head up.
  2. Take Baby Steps – Best to try this first on a hard floor that is not too slick. Do note that when you are in heels, the normal heel-to-toe motion can snap your heel or twist your ankle. So keep your legs straight and as close together as possible. Point your feet as straight in front of you as you can, and go down evenly on the ball of the foot and heel.
  3. Watch Your Weight – When walking, you will shift your weight onto the foot in front. Spread your toes in the shoe slightly to help distribute the weight onto the ball of the foot.
  4. Work Your Way Up – If you have been confined to flats, you may want to consider working your way up to the heel height you would like to wear. Always start with a lower heel or a chunkier heel, and not a skinny stiletto. For a confident walk, remember to let your hips swing in small, sideways and figure-eight motions.
  5. Step Up – When climbing stairs, make sure both sole and heel land together firmly on each step. While descending stairs, only the sole of the shoe needs to be planted firmly on each step, and use the rail if it is available.

The Don'ts

  1. Always make sure you get well-fitting shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause serious long term damage to your feet. What followed is you will have pain over your mid foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, lower, mid and upper back and worse still it leads to headaches.
  2. No matter how nice your heels are, don't wear them all the time. Wearing heels too often can result in poor foot health. Take a break, for example, every hour or two, excuse yourself and give you feet a chance to unwind. Let say, when you're in the bathroom, take off those heels, and perhaps give your feet a massage.
  3. If your shoes have straps, make sure they're on tightly before you start walking.
  4. As for driving, try to avoid driving in high heels as you don't have quite as much control over the car, further you can damage the back of your shoe. Always, keep an extra pair of flats in your car, or consider driving barefoot.
  5. When in doubt whether to walk on ice, grass, sand, mud, slush, gravel and grated surfaces, you should take off your heels and carry them across such questionable surfaces in bare feet.

Again, learning to walk in high heels is mostly a matter of practice. Do remember to always takes extra caution to keep your balance and place the least amount of strain on your muscles. Well, think you are able to walk high towards a better body, mind and spirit and soul, right?

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