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An Actor’s Philosophy on Marriage?

Do you agree with me that in order to maintain the commitment known as marriage, a certain amount of love must be present and that when we marry, we are in a bonded spiritual partnership which must be respected as much as possible as marriage is not a light promise, and to me it is the promise to our soul that will lead to a better mind body spirit.

Well, to me, actor Anthony LaPaglia aged 49 (if not mistaken), seems to know a thing or two about how to have a happy marriage. I think you will agree with me not many actors or stars will be like him, from those divorce cases that we often came across.

This “Without a Trace” star had once said, “The thing about marriage is that it requires work from both parties. There is a romantic notion that you fall in love and it all just works magically. Now, that is true to some degree but then there will come to the point in the relationship where it is difficult, and those are the times where you put to test and you have to make the decision that you want to work on it.”

I believe his marriage philosophy has worked wondered for him for his ten years of marriage to his actress wife, Gia Carides and they have a lovely 5 year-old daughter, Bridget.

What is your philosophy of marriage?

Happy journey to a better body, mind and spirit and soul!

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