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Ever Think of Feng Shui Your Handbag?

You are likely to ask me what is feng shui first, right? Feng shui is actually an ancient Chinese system of belief that utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi, in short if you have good feng shui, you have everything good in life, i.e. love, money, wealth, success, happiness, health and so on.

So is bad feng shui in you handbag blocking you for a better mind body spirit and soul, i.e. your success in life?

Perhaps, you want to follow me to find out by just answering some simple questions. After answering those questions you should refer to the points that you have scored as well as the result interpretation on how is your handbag feng shui for a better mind body spirit and soul!

1.The outside of your handbag looks:
  1. Battle-worn and way past its expiry date.
  2. A little weary.
  3. Well cared for, trim or new.
2.How do you feel about your handbag?
  1. I love it!
  2. Indifferent.
  3. Groan and I hate it.
  4. I think it is OK.
3.When you get home, your handbag...
  1. Is tossed wherever you happen to find space.
  2. Goes in its regular special spot.
4.The inside of your handbag looks...
  1. Like an explosion in a junk room.
  2. Immaculate.
  3. Fairly tidy.
5.Your handbag...
  1. Weighs kilos and is a chiropractor's nightmare.
  2. Feels light and is easy to carry.
  3. Is of average weight.
6.Which best describes the color of your handbag?
  1. Black, red or plum.
  2. Brown, grey or white.
  3. Animal print (snake-skin, for example).
  4. Cream, green, yellow, blue, purple or orange.
7.The shape of your handbag most closely resembles a...
  1. Square or rectangle.
  2. Heart or circle.
  3. Triangle.
  4. Formless and squishy and is an indefinite design.
8.Your handbag...
  1. Enjoys regular holidays, i.e. you swap them around.
  2. Resembles a tired soldier on daily duty.
9.Your handbag is made mostly from...
  1. Natural material such as leather, denim, cotton, raffia, string or wool.
  2. Synthetic material.
  3. Metal.
  1. a – 0, b – 1, c – 3
  2. a – 4, b – 1, c – 0, d – 2
  3. a – 0, b – 2
  4. a – 0, b – 3, c – 2
  5. a – 0, b – 3, c – 1
  6. a – 4, b – 0, c – 2, d – 1
  7. a – 3, b – 4, c – 0, d -2
  8. a – 2, b – 1
  9. a – 4, b – 0, c – 2
Up to 11: Bad Feng Shui
It is time for you to let the cat out of your bag and confess that your handbag vibes are frightful. You should invest in a new handbag as it would not cost you a lot though!

12 – 16: Room to improve
It shows that your handbag is your everyday companion and it is shabby and tired. It is good to wise up on your handbag feng shui and tidy it up.

17 – 24: OK Feng Shui
Your handbag is a worthy friend and it contributes good vibes to your immediate energy field.

25 – 29: Fab Feng Shui
Congratulate! Your handbag radiates plenty of positive vibes and you are on your way to a better mind body spirit and soul!

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