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Timeline Checklist to a Great Wedding

Do you agree that meeting that someone special in our life, getting engaged and all ready for the “horse and carriage” is one of the most memorable, exciting moments in our life to complement for a complete mind body spirit and soul richness?

Well, after the initial few weeks of adrenaline rush, fun, bliss and blush, and especially during the post proposal stage, it is time to settle down and get straight ahead to the preparations and plans for the big day, right?

Below is a timeline checklist which you may want to take for reference:

12 months before

  • Choose a wedding date.
  • Announce your engagement to family and friends and plan an engagement party (do remember to work on your budget though, if any).
  • Begin a rough guest list and compile current addresses.
  • Decide on who you would like to have as your attendants, which shall include your best man and maid of honor.
  • Choose a location and make the reservations for the ceremony and reception venues accordingly.
9 months before
  • Begin shopping for your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.
  • Scout for photographer and/or videographer, caterer and florist.
  • Find someone who will perform your ceremony, as well as choose and book wedding band, DJ, musicians, etc.
6 months before
  • Select and order your wedding invitations, envelopes, those thank you cards and research wedding cake from local bakeries for ideas.
  • Plan and book your honeymoon where appropriate, and make sure the necessary travel documents such as passports and visas are in order.
1 month before
  • Mail or deliver wedding invitations.
  • Choose your hair and make-up stylist and schedule a trial for both, if possible. Not to forget to book appointments to have your hair, make-up and nails done for your wedding day.
2 weeks before
  • Create a seating chart for reception and make place cards too.
  • Discuss with your caterer for a final guest count and meet with your photographer and/or videographer and florist to finalize the details.
  • Make sure the wedding bands fit well with your wedding.
  • Schedule a final dress fitting.
  • You may get your rehearsal dinner toasts prepared.
1 week before
  • Final checks for whatever is necessary.
  • Pick up your wedding gown.
  • Pack for your honeymoon and reconfirm your travel arrangements.
  • Have your hen’s night out!
And perhaps you want to treat yourself to a spa day that our mind body spirit and soul deserve!

The day before

Take thing easy and attend the hair appointment prior to the rehearsal dinner and to enjoy yourself then.

On the Wedding Day
  • Wake up early and eat a healthy breakfast, remember our body and mind need energy for the big day ahead!
  • Enjoy as it is finally here and everything will be wonderful….
I think that is basically what a wedding day preparation is all about. Have a great day with a sound mind body spirit and soul! Above all do remember to stay focused, keep organized and be flexible with your arrangements.


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