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Do you fall in love too quickly?

Do you fall in love too quickly? Is it wise? Can the intensity be sustainable for a long run relationship?

According to relationship counselor, Allegra Tripodi, “Rushing a relationship can cause lots of problems. For example, it can prompt us to make bad decisions, misread signal and exaggerate feelings. It can also let us give more than we receive and at the same time create an impression that we are desperate when in fact we are just keen. In short and in the long run, taking a romance too fast will usually result in us being let down, used or mistreated and ending up nursing a broken heart.”

To make sure we don’t get burned, we will need to put the brakes on our emotions. Here are the experts’ advices on how to put the breaks on our emotions:

  • Don't tell him or her you love him or her too soon.
  • Go for a few days without calling him or her, just to see if he or she calls you.
  • Don't have sex with him or her the first time you're alone, hold off as long as possible and explain to him or her: "I only like to get intimate when I'm sure I'm with someone I can really trust."
  • Get your hands off him or her, at least at first. Kiss him or her if you feel like it but don't overwhelm him or her with kisses, if not he or she will feel like he or she is dating an octopus!
  • If you feel the urge to gush in those first weeks of dating say something less intense like, "I'm really enjoying getting to know you better."
  • Never contact him or her by phone, email or SMS more than once in a day, unless you're making plans for the night that require a little to and fro.
  • Every time he or she rings you, wait at least half an hour to call him or her back.
  • If he or she wants to see you every night of the week, try to pull back a little and have some space for yourself, explain that you'd love to be with him or her, but you need to catch up with a close friend, do some study or need to work overtime for office work.
  • Don't take him or her to meet your family until you've been dating for at least three months.

The point is: if the one you like is as great as you think and as interested as you look for, then he or she is not going anywhere. In short, if he or she likes you, he or she will want to get to know you better and encourage the relationship to develop and grow. Therefore, we should not rush ourselves, i.e. fall in love too quickly, but enjoy the wonderful, heady process of getting to know each other.

Don’t you think we have plenty of time for saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I do’ down the track for a better body, mind and spirit and soul?

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