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Energy Healing - What are the top Fatigue fighters?

Do you often wake up tired or perhaps find your energy flagging (or need energy healing)?

What follows are some proven ways based on the latest research that will help us charged up and alert throughout the day.

Rub Our Ears

According to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that stimulating certain pressure points on our body can help boost our blood circulation, and thus our energy healing. The principle behind this is that energy moves throughout our body and can become blocked, weak or stagnant. By stimulating particular points in our ear, our energy will flow naturally. How to do: with our thumb and index finger, massage along the outer ear from top to bottom and back up until our ears are warm and tingly. Alternatively is to gently rub the ear lobes for about three minutes and by increasing the strength gradually. Do you feel you are more alert now?

Arise & Shine

Do you believe that keeping our curtains drawn so we can sleep only gets our circadian rhythm out of whack? Studies have shown that when light is absent, our body's sleep-wake cycle will want to delay by an average of 12 minutes a day, i.e. our body will want to push our bedtime later, what this means is that to keep our body rhythms in check, head to the light as soon as we arise, and if possible take an outdoor stroll for 20 minutes or have breakfast by a sunny window.

Take Three

According to Dr Judith Orloff, UCLA psychiatrist and author of Positive Energy, just three minutes of meditation can help us decrease the stress hormones that tense our body muscles. What she suggests is to sit in a quiet spot, closing our eyes while we breathe deeply and relaxing our body. The important thing is to have happy thoughts such as a vacation spot or someone we love. In short, this will provide quick time-outs to calm down so we could replenish and take control of our energy healing.

Drink Green Tea

Think we have heard that green tea is packed with disease fighting and anti-ageing antioxidants, but what many do not know is that green tea also contains Theophyllin, i.e. a stimulant that can actually improve our blood circulation and oxygen flow in our body. It was reported that for every cup we drink, we will get about 40mg of the amino acid L-theanine, this in return can help us stay calm and focused. I have tried it before and feel a lift after just one cup. However, some may need more cup and usually four cups is a good daily limit.

Pump Up The Protein

While we may be thinking candy bar, but a sugar boost will just leave us lagging in an hour. In fact, too much carbohydrates can drain our energy healing. A study conducted by University of Illinois showed that women who took less carbs and more protein felt more energetic. If we want an instant and lasting energy boost, eat a healthy snack that contains protein and a complex carb should be the way. It is suggested to try a whole grain cracker with low-fat cheese, or a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Think the above will set us for a better mind body spirit and soul, right?


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for these great tips! Some I already do. Curious as to how the ear massage might work?? Very interesting theory??!! I am passing on to both my "20 something" kids! Happy 2009 to you!

Leda said...

Fatigue fighters are the best energy drink that contains more vitamins which will enhance your body.

James said...

I love using green tea, as well as Yerba Mate for increasing personal energy. Also using the herbs Maca and Macana Pruriens are a good tonic to help the adrenals (which provide energy) recover so they can give us full energy. I'm going to try the ear rubbing technique and see how well that works for me, thanks for the tip! mind body spirit

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