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Thoughts on Relieving Stress and Stress Management

It is probably fair to say that the greatest threat to our health today, i.e. mind body spirit, at least in the developed countries, is having more stress than we are able to handle or on how to naturally relieving stress. The increasing pace of lifestyles, the complexity of many professions, not to mention changes and added strains in relationships due to greater mobility and thus distance from others, has put considerable burdens on our body natural stress relief systems.

Nearly all natural health therapies place great importance on stress as a probable factor in ill-health, and yet people need a certain amount of stress in order to become motivated and develop; so what is the problem?

Our internal stress management coping mechanisms was originally developed to cope with potentially life-threatening situations, the so-called “fight or flight” adaptation. However, these biochemical changes are all too often brought into play by other factors nowadays, from meeting deadlines or work crises to receiving the latest bill. When the body is placed in an almost constant state of alert, the adrenal glands become tired eventually and people are depleted and panicky rather than stimulated and awake.

These problems have been recognized for a long time, and most natural stress management therapies will offer some help with stress relief related techniques and one of the natural stress relief techniques is to keep reminding ourselves to take time to relax and allow our body to rest during busy periods of life. Don’t you agree that this will be the easiest way for us to have a sound mind body spirit and soul!


elizabeth said...

yes, i agree. one thing most people never learn is to relax. matter of fact, we tend to teach stress in our society with our busy schedules and our deadlines.

Nice post.

Mike said...

Hi Tricia Ling,

I appreciate your effort to help others in managing stress.

I followed some stress management tips to relieve myself from worst situation of stress and anxiety. I agree that this kind of workshops and stop stressing programs are truly helpful. A little effort from our side, a great support by these programs and the result is stress and tension free life.

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