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The Laugh Therapy

Want a better mind body spirit or perhaps firmer skin? I think one of the best ways is to "Laugh" more! Dr. Madan Kataria, author of Laugh for No Reason, says that having a good stitch-in-the-sides chuckle often, can help us tone up to have a better mind body spirit, needless to say this includes our facial muscles as it helps improve our blood circulation thus leaving us feeling the glowing of oh-so-naturally!

Dr. Kataria is known for inventing the "laughter yoga therapy" 12 years ago with the premise that we can actually laugh without the traditional jokes or funny occasions. The thing is why must we put up such an act?

Studies showed “Laughing” will get us release our "happy hormones" called endorphins that inadvertently allow us to release stress and strengthen the immune system and our facial muscles as well. Since our body cannot distinguish a fake laugh from a real one, and will transmit signals to the brain to release endorphins regardless, thus leaving us in a good mood.

To have this, strive to engage in mindless giggles for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day, and in no time, we will feel lighter on our feet and our mind body spirit in good shape too!

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