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How small steps can make us eco-friendly

Does this help us in terms of better body mind spirit? Is it difficult to do?

Designer Anya Hindmarch created a stir with her canvas tote bag, printed with the words "I'm Not A Plastic Bag." How does this help? It encouraged people to use less plastic bags. In fact, this became a cult hit after celebs like Keira Knightley were spotted carrying it. Well, I think we don't need to get a designer handbag, just bring our own cloth bag to the supermarket!

Guess many do not know that plants do store carbon dioxide (CO2), so if a plant dies, all the CO2 locked away will be released. What this means is that, if we want to start a planting project, be sure we are committed to tending to our garden and maintaining the plants. If don’t, they may die and release more CO2 into the atmosphere. Just another small knowledge and we will on our way to have better mind body spirit, right?

What Leonardo diCaprio, an avid environmentalist said about a better environment, i.e. He says, "Global warming is one of the most important issues facing humanity. It's something that's going to affect us, our children, grandchildren... and generations to come."

I believe he acted on what he said by driving fuel-saving electric car around Hollywood as well as established the Leonardo diCaprio Foundation in 1998 to foster better awareness of environmental issues. Don’t you agree with me the above small steps are something that we could model for a better mind body spirit and perhaps soul?

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