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Thoughts on Valentine Gifts

Think you will agree with me that gifts constitute the nitty-gritty of a Valentine’s Day. In fact, gift giving on Valentine's Day is a symbolic gesture and a token of love and appreciation for the people or perhaps special people that ignite and brighten up our mind body spirit and soul in our life.

Believe you would agree with me that Valentine flowers are one such popular item amongst all the gifts option that we could think of, right?

To me, Gifts for your Valentine are not only meant for those who are married, engaged or in love, we could also send the Valentine flowers to our parents, grandparents, favorite aunt or uncle, our kids, those who are in care facilities, or perhaps even our boss as it is indeed a good time to thank and to show our appreciation towards others that deserved it.

What Valentine's Day flowers to send? My top pick would be Roses, however, you might want to choose tulips, lilies, orchids or a stunning combination of exotic flowers whichever suit you and your recipient. Whatever it is, I think the essence of gift giving should override the lavishness of the gift itself.

As for the containers, there are also many for us to choose from, for example, there are vases, baskets, bowls as well as others that we could creatively come up with. For lovers, who knows they may come up with something like a heart-shaped pendant embossed with a Valentine’s Day message or a red rose preserved in gold! (Oh, this does not seem happen to me!)

Wherever we place our Valentine's Day flowers, make sure we do it several days before Valentine’s Day and that it can be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Cheers and may the Valentine’s Day brighten up our mind body spirit and soul!

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