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Mind Body Spirit connection to Wealth and Success

  • Is it worth to grow wealth in the mind body spirit?
  • Do we view a healthy trinity of mind body spirit as wealth in and of itself?
  • Do we think wealth and success could be achieved as an outcome of the improvement and augmentation of our mind body spirit?
  • Do we think if our mind, our body and our spirit are not in proper alignment, we will not find satisfaction in our success?
  • Do we think a strong body and a peaceful mind can make us strong in spirit?
  • Can being sound in health make us wealthy or vice versa?

I look at it this way, our mind plays its role on our overall health of our body as it receives messages from other parts of our body regarding aches, appetite, exhaustion and others. At the same time, it prompts and directs our body to perform tasks such as breathing, running, act of caring and love and so on.

After the mind, comes our body which is another significant part of the human structure. I believe you would agree with me that being depressed and anxious can lead to reduced levels of energy while mental exertion will lead to a weak body immune to fight off maladies and sicknesses.

For spirit, I would think that it enable us to act beyond our intellectual capacity, i.e. comes to our rescue when we are down and in need of a savior. Spirituality indeed has a deep impact on both our mind and our bodily health.

Whether we like it or not, wealth accumulation is usually a slow process. But for us and our body, life is a long journey and the health of the mind and spirit must travel within us. If not, we will come to a point to be frustrated by an unsound body or a mind that won't support healthy living! Isn’t wealth does not exclude ill health or an unhealthy mind? Does it make sense that the best way to grow wealth is to grow our mind body spirit?

However, like others, it is always easier said than done to create wealth in our mind body spirit, though many of us do appreciate and learn about the positive effects it has on human. I think the toughest part to create wealth in our mind body spirit is that it required us to maintain a positive balance between enjoyment of life and behaviors as well as commitment to issues and projects that often mean more than just monetary values, or put in another way, to follow some sound principles of living, i.e. something that can help us have balance, peace and truth, in return this helps us have a strong body, a peaceful mind that go for a strong spirit; and to know ourselves and observe how the world works.

I agreed that create wealth in our mind body spirit requires hard work and dedication and often sacrifice. It is known that hard work and dedication can contribute to wear and tear on our body and mind and the pursuit of wealth can wear down our spirit. But often we will notice that our spirit can inspire the body, and mental strength can inspire even weak-minded people to reach their goals. Therefore, can I say that a healthy trinity of mind body spirit as wealth in and of itself? If not, why many wealthy people would give everything they have to be healthy again, and why many people with great intelligence wish their bodies were healthy enough to sustain longer life. Can we say that those in possession of a healthy mind body spirit can be considered already wealthy?

What about mind body spirit on success? I think if we are not taking good care of ourselves, we will come to a point not be able to celebrate our accomplishments when it comes. Without self care, we will create situations and responses that will distract our mind from the focus attention we require to build long-term success. For instance, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, depression, communication problems, relationships issues and substance abuse can be serious challenges when our mind body spirit is not in focus or not in alignment, in fact it can sabotage our path toward success and ruin our celebration of accomplishment. Can I say that if we do not have our mind, our body and our spirit in proper alignment, we will not find great satisfaction in our success?

What I find interesting about the connection is that by learning to take better care of our mind and our body, we help connect them in a positive way with our spirit. When our spirit is strong we are more tolerant and accepting, even of ourselves. In short, our passion for our life can be amplified and our life can find better balance and we are less a victim to internal and external influences and distractions. With the positive connections of mind body spirit, we are sure to achieve greater productivity with less effort and discomfort, what that means is that our successes can flourish and satisfy us more.

Can I say that the more we strive for wealth in our mind body spirit, as a balanced whole, the more we will get from our life?


RetroKimmer said...

You are so on the money! It is all part of the big wheel! One must be intune with the mind for the body to be free! Wealth is health!

I gave you a little blogger award on RK
hope you like it!

Millionaire Maker said...

This is very interesting blog . I just wanted to say thanks you for writing and giving your knowledge to such an informative helpful blog.
So thanks!

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