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Colors and You

Ever wonder what color can do to your life? I recently found out these:

  • It can help you to project a more positive self image

  • It helps to bring more balance into your life

  • It helps you to become great in health and wealth

  • As part of beautifying interior spaces and so on

In short, it is considered as an energy force that keeps man alive because the awareness and consciousness in application of color can create the changes we all want in all areas of our life.

To do this we can simply put color around us in an aesthetically pleasing way. We can pick the color or colors by the qualities we want to express in our lives. For example, if we want to be more adventuresome and courageous, we would pick Orange.

As each color has it's own unique quality or attribute. You may use the following information as a guide to achieve your goals on any level:

Red is:
Beautiful, Powerful, Strong, Pioneering, Friendly, Warm, Initiating, Persistent, Patient, Attractive, Originating, and Passionate

Orange is: Spontaneous, Bold, Daring, Inspirational, Outrageous, Robust, Funny, Fearless, Adventuresome, Building, and Bouyant

Yellow is:
Happy, Cheerful, Astringent, Intelligent, Shining, Highly Communicative, Expressive, Logical, Purifying, Orderly, and Forgiving

Green is:
Secure, Safe, Expansive, Sharing, Open, Flexible, Connecting, Free, Just, Balanced, Harmonious, and Efficient

Turquoise is:
Clear, Fresh, Focused, Youthful, Imaginative, Transformational, Clean, Sensitive, Changing, Rarified, New, and Victorious

Blue is:
Tranquil, Calm, Peaceful, Honest, Trusting, Creative, Open, Deep, Faithful, Reliable, and Accepting

Purple is:
Regal, Respected, Admired, Humble, Intuitive, Knowing, Together, Dignified, Valuable, Tolerant, and Connecting

Pink is:
Abundant, Genuine, Responsible, Compassionate, Loving, Mature, Great, The Color of Relationships, Considerate, Adept, Natural

So guess now we should be able to be at our peak to a better body, mind, spirit and soul, right?

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